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*Total Weight Loss – 42lbs

Sam Kean’s Success Story

I must admit, the first week was a real challenge; I was what you would call a “stress binger” and constantly ate. To name a few, shortbread, chocolates, crisps, ice cream etc. All these foods I loved actually made me feel tired, out of breath and my joints hurt from the excess weight I had to carry.

After starting the My Diet Loss Lifestyle Plan, I began losing inches and pounds. As the pounds quickly and easily began to drop off of me, I felt energized and healthier, more incredibly revitalised than I could ever remember feeling in my entire life. As the weight came off I had more energy, my knees did not hurt and I was receiving compliments and it felt great! My wife was so inspired, she joined as well.
Previously, I was taking two types of pills to try to control my blood sugar. I was also taking a pill for high blood pressure. After losing 3 stone in 13 weeks I am off all medications and my blood pressure and blood sugars are normal. My Diet Loss has been a life changing experience.

The staff at My Diet Loss were always  friendly and very supportive. I would recommend this weight loss program to anyone needing a change for better health and I have.

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