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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your postage costs?2020-03-11T20:19:50+00:00

Your order will be delivered by the dates set out in the Confirmation Email. If no delivery date is specified,  then you will receive your order within a reasonable time from the date of the Confirmation Email, unless there are exceptional circumstances. We aim to deliver within 1 to 3 working days if you live in Mainland UK. Next day delivery is not guaranteed although 99.5% of the time is achieved.

Highlands and Islands & Northern Ireland can take 5 – 7 working days. Orders to Northern Ireland, Isle of man, Channel Islands, Highlands and Islands and Argyll and Bute Islands carry an extra postage charge. Please email to confirm price.

For shipments outwith the UK please email prior to ordering to confirm postage costs.

Please see our Postage and Packaging page for further details

When should I eat my Foodpack?2020-03-11T20:19:28+00:00

We would encourage you to time your meals in a way which enables you to develop new healthy eating habits. You should choose times that enable you to manage your weight. This is most commonly having a Foodpack every three to four hours. However you can take them at whatever time is most convenient for you.

Can I have chewing gum?2020-03-11T20:19:06+00:00

Chewing gum may bring you out of ketosis as your gastric juices are released and may make you feel hungry, so we only allow it on Lifestyle. However, if you do choose to chew gum, try not to chew for more than a few minutes and do not use sugar coated gum.

Can I have alcohol whilst on My Diet Loss?2020-03-11T20:18:43+00:00

Not on the Dynamic Plan. However, you can have 2 small glasses of wine or 2 measures of spirits on Lifestyle. Don’t forget alcohol means empty calories with no nutritional value.

Can I have low calorie/sugar free juice or fizzy diet drinks?2020-03-11T20:18:19+00:00

No. My Diet Loss recommends drinking water, black coffee/teas or any green leaf teas. Any other drinks like diluting juice or diet fizzy drinks may take you out of ketosis due to citric acids.

How many Bars can I have a day?2020-03-11T20:17:54+00:00

We recommend that you have one bar per day on the Dynamic plan and no more than two per day on the Lifestyle plan. This is because the bars contain slightly more calories and carbohydrates than the Meal packs, Shakes and Soups.

Can I have my ‘Shakes’ hot and ‘Soups’ cold?2020-03-11T20:17:30+00:00

Yes. You can have the shakes and soups hot or cold as it will not affect the nutritional value or weight loss. However, you must use your mealpacks within 20 minutes of making them up so that you do not risk reducing the nutritional value.

How long can I follow a “My Diet Loss” plan for?2020-03-11T20:17:04+00:00

The Dynamic and Lifestyle Plans can be used until you reach your target weight. Once you have reached your target weight you may continue to use My Diet Loss products in combination with healthy foods to maintain your weight.

Will I go to the toilet more often?2020-05-15T15:01:26+01:00

Yes. As you drink more water you will go to the toilet more often so bear that in mind. Your bowel habits may be affected also. Any change should only last for a couple of days but if you suffer from bad constipation add vegetables from the food list to your “My Diet Loss” packs. If you are concerned about any changes then do not hesitate to contact us at for more information or go and see your GP.

What is Ketosis?2020-03-11T20:16:11+00:00

Ketosis means that your body is burning fat rapidly because it is using your fat as its main source of energy. Your body initially uses up its energy reserves of glycogen before starting to burn fats from its fat stores. This normally begins after 3 – 4 days of starting one of our plans. When the glycogen stores are used up, your body will then use its main energy source to burn your fat. When fat is burned rapidly the body produces a by-product called ‘ketones’ and the person is said to be in ‘ketosis’. Your hunger will be suppressed.

Will I put it all back on again?2020-03-11T20:15:46+00:00

There is no reason that you should. However, as with any diet if you revert back to the old eating habits that caused your weight gain you will put weight back on. If you feel at any time you have slightly lost control of your healthy eating you may return to the Meal Packs for a short period of time. If you follow our plans correctly you will learn to maintain your weight loss with a healthy balanced diet. You can continue to use our products to assist you with that for as long as you feel is necessary.

What products can I choose?2020-03-11T20:15:21+00:00

You can choose a combination of any of our packs to make up your meal replacements.. Some people prefer just to have our shakes and others prefer a mixture, the choice is yours. If you are following the Dynamic Plan ,we advise that you only have one bar a day and no more than two on the Lifestyle Plan as the bars contain slightly higher carbohydrate and calorie content.

What do My Diet Loss products contain?2020-03-11T20:14:58+00:00

A full list of ingredients and nutritional information can be found on the website under Full Product Information. You will also find this next to each individual product.

What support can I have?2020-05-15T15:01:47+01:00

We provide you with a booklet of your chosen plan. Your distributor will answer any questions you may have or you can contact us via email at Many distributors run counselling sessions or classes (please check with your local distributor). Our Customer Services will provide encouragement, support and advice to help you reach your target weight ensuring you are never on your own.

Can I pick up at a shop?2020-03-11T20:13:25+00:00

Yes, if you stay in the Ayrshire area we have a shop in the Irvine town centre you can collect products and this is a completely free service.

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