A Little About Us

An Introduction to our Founder

Ever since my teenage years I tried to lose weight with little results and always temporary success. It was not until I discovered an LCD at 49 years old that I finally managed to get my weight off and more importantly, keep it off.

I then decided to establish My Diet Weight Loss to help others achieve the same degree of success.

Many clients often ask me how I keep my weight at a healthy BMI. My reply is always the same: ‘I can control my food now’. Prior to discovering Meal Replacement Packs I was a ‘food addict’.

We are all the same inside and all have our own little pleasures. Unfortunately my pleasure spiraled until I reached 18st and, at 5ft 2in my BMI fell into the category of Morbidly Obese. I now eat normal foods and feel life is worth living again. Food is no longer my number one priority. Food no longer controls me; I control my food!”

Nancy Before Pic
Nancy After Pic
Nancy After Pic

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