BBQ Crunch Crisps


These snacks help you overcome your cravings between meals. They will provide energy without compromising your weight loss. To be enjoyed alone or with friends! This low calorie and protein rich gourmet break product offers a convenient and guilt free snack on the go!

The more we discover them, the more we love them!

CRISPY, CRUNCHY ……….SWEET OR SAVORY……these snacks will bring you the unique pleasure of a “forbidden” delicacy. A must for dieting and simply indispensable!!


Cheddar & Sour Cream Crunch Crisp (High Protein Snack Supplement)

Average Nutritional Values (Serving size  1 packet = 38g)

100g 1 Sachet 38g
Energy values
             Kcal 395 150
             KJ 1660 632
Typical nutritional values
Proteins 39.5 15.0
Total Carbohydrates 28.6 10.9
             Sugars (g) 3.2 1.2
Total Fat (g) 12.6 4.8
             Saturates (g) 1.2 0.4
Fibre (g) 4.5 1.7
Sodium (g) 1.974 0.750
             Salt equivalent (g) 4.94 1.88
Potassium (mg) 158 60

List of ingredients

Protein blend (soy protein isolate*, pea protein isolate, sodium caseinate); potato flour; sunflower oil; soy flour; potato starch; salt; dehydrated vegetables (onion, tomato, garlic); yeast extract; torula yeast; sodium diacetate; calcium carbonate; flavor*; hydrolyzed wheat* and soy protein; spices; acidity regulator: citric acid; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.

(*) Ingredients made with genetically modified corn or soy

Allergens Contains soy, milk and gluten. Manufactured on equipment that processes egg, sesame and tree nuts.

Additional Information: Make sure you drink plenty of liquid every day. Do not use as a sole source of nutrition.

Instructions: Ready to eat.

Storage: Store in the original container in a cool (< 25°C) and dry place (RH < 65%). Make sure that the bag is properly closed.

Suitable for Vegetarians – YES


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