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Our Diet Plans

My Diet Loss have developed a range of diet plans to fit with today’s wide range of life styles. From family life to a professional career we have a plan that can fit easily in to your life that will allow you to start loosing weight and keep it off.

Dynamic Plan

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Our Dynamic route will let you take control of your food and encourage a regular eating pattern. You will incorporate 4 of our packs each day along with one snack per day. “My Diet Loss” does not rely on intensive weight loss programmes with heavy counseling, regular group meetings, or complicated menus to follow.

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Lifestyle Plan

Save £4.95 when you order 4 weeks or more

Our Lifestyle route will encourage a regular eating pattern and enables you to incorporate conventional foods into your diet. Just change two of your meals for two My Diet Loss Meal Packs each day. This is an ideal plan if you have children as you incorporate healthy foods into your diet your whole family will learn to eat healthier.

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5:2 Plan

Save £4.95 when you order 4 weeks or more

This is our most popular plan at the moment, and you should definitely give it a go if you are looking to try out our diet, and other diets have failed for you. The method makes perfect sense when analysed in detail, and large scale studies on eating healthy for on our Lifestyle Plan for 5 days and, fasting for two days on the Dynamic Plan are having great results.

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My Diet Loss Plus

We also offer a FREE weight loss support service called My Diet Loss Plus. If you want to talk about this or any of our plans and products just give us a call. We are here, understanding and ready to help.